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Dene Foye
Day 6

Was a cold and blustery day. We headed for the west end of Mull to catch the ferry to Iona. After a short ride across to the island, we battled 50 mph wind to climb the hill to the ruins of the nunnery, then on down the road to the abbey. As i rounded the corner of the abbey, my eyes were assailed by the cover of the Cath Benefit CD that Mel Tatum is producing! (of course I was looking for it, since I knew her husband Chris had taken the pictue at Iona last year when they were there).
20120615_103643 20120615_111133 20120615_114951

we finished looking around then rode the Ferry back to Mull where the bus once again wended its way along one lane roads back towards the hotel.
We were given the option to be dropped off at Duart Castle, the home of the current chieftain of clan MacLean, of which one side is a museum. We elected to do so, and made a fast tour of the four floors of an actual fortified castle. The view from the battlements was incredible. The last bus down to the area where our hotel only gave us an hour to see everything, but we managed. We rode it back to the port and then walked down a path next to the ocean back to the hotel. Dinner shortly after arriving back there, then some music by Ed and Margaret. Off to bed for an early start back to the mainland in the morning.

Day 7

This was a brisk rainy day. Our itinerary had us leaving Mull back to Oban, then heading towards Blair Atholl in the Highlands. our view of the route was of drizzly rained on country (the way it normally is, LOL) and when we stopped for picture opportunity in Glencoe, the rain was barely coming down enough to worry about. I had talked to Charles about the song "Massacre of Glencoe" and he told me that I should sing it...and it was ok with Ed, so I stood in the drizzle looking up the steep slopes of the Glen while singing it. the rest of the group joining with Ed and me on the chorus. It was a very moving event for me.
20120616_110438 20120616_10261220120616_142918

We rode thru some wonderful highland scenery the rest of the afternoon and arrived at our Hotel in Blair Atholl. After dinner we had a great concert and lecture by Pete Clark (fiddler). Then crashed for the night.

Day 8

The iternery for our Day in Blair Atholl included a trip to the Blair Castle and then over to Dunkeld where we scoped out the Cathedral ruin then walked across the river to Birnum on the other side of the Tay river and visited the Beatrix Potter museum and garden
then back to Dunkeld to meet up with Ed's group of hikers at the Taybank Pub (which used to be owned by Dougie MacLean) where I sat and worked on setting the latest lyrics from Mel to music (she had just sent them to me that morning in an email) Back at the hotel after dinner we were treated to a concert by Jim Malcolm and his wife Susie. Jim, Susie, Ed and I posed for a pic together (4 artists from the Cath Benefit CD). Off to bed after that.
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Ed Miller Tour day 4

Upon getting on the bus we headed for Mauchline where Robert Burns wrote a good deal of his poetry and songs. We visited several museums and the kirkyard where 4 of his kids were buried, and finished with a cup of tea at the Poosie Nancy Pub where George Archibald and Charlie Milne performed some songs then on to Ayr where we saw the house he was born in and the Kirkyard where his parents were buried, where Charlie did a recitation of part of Tam O'Shanter. Then we went into a Cupola containing maps of Burns' statues locations and some busts of him, where George and Charlie played some more songs.
Charlie Milne Map of Burns" Statues Brig" O" Doon
After that we headed back to the hotel for dinner, where Charles Hunter, our tour guide, did a wonderful recitation of Burns' Address to a Haggis with a small presentation haggis, which was then dished out and served to each of us. After dinner Ed and Charlie and George played songs of Glasgow where we were to travel thru the next day. George and Charlie surprised Ed by playing two songs that Ed has recorded and made popular (which they admitted to pinching from him). A good time was had by all, and we once again returned to our beds for the night.

Ed Miller tour day 5

We packed up and loaded onto the bus to head for the port of Oban, where we were to take the ferry to the Isle of Mull. Taking the scenic route to Glasgow first, we were treated to anacdotes of Glasgow by our Guide, Charles, and Ed. We drove around looking at the points of interest in Glasgow and visited shortly St. Mungo's Cathedral and then pushed on. We passed Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond (sang the song) and then proceeded to Inveraray where we stopped for lunch and some looking around.
20120614_062759 Inveraray 20120614_073548
I tried a Haggis roll for lunch (not as good as the previous haggis' that I've tried) and looked at some beautiful Highland scenery on the banks of Loch Awe. I bought a tartan(Black Watch)shawl for Patti, and the clerk was slow so that we were some of the last ones back at the bus. Next stop Oban...where we disembarked from the bus, entered the ferry terminal and boarded the huge ferry (the bus was loaded on while we got our tickets and found places to ride. Patti and I went all the way up to the observation deck where I took out my travel guitar and played some songs that i could remember while gazing at the scenery and watching the Isle of Mull get closer and closer. (one unexpected occurance was that it was somewhat chilly and we had layered ourselveswith sweaters and coats...but once away from shore, the sun became so warm that we took all them off and had a very warm ride to Mull..but the minute we entered the docking area it got chilly again!!!)
once off the ferry, we once again got on the bus and rode the short distance to our hotel and dragged our stuff up and down several flights of stairs and then went down for dinner, after which we listened to Margaret Bennett talk about the Gaelic culture and sing some songs in gaelic. Then off to bed.
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Ed Miller Folksong tour of Scotland

Day 1

We got up and packed then went down to check out the B&B's breakfast, which wasn't included in the room reservation...all they had was a self serve cold cereal selection, so we decided to go elsewhere. We took our luggage down, dropped off the key and started up our side street to the main road, where our cab driver of the previous day had said would have cabs cruising...one appeared just as we had turned onto the road and we were able to get to our rendezvous hotel....where they were nice enough to secure our luggage while we had the Scottish Breakfast in their restaurant. (eggs, banger, mushrooms, tomatoes, black sausage, potato scone and haggis....I actually tried everything except the tomatoes (which I never eat). I am going to try haggis everywhere we go to see how different each area's blend is)

After breakfast we went into the lobby and sat down to wait for the rest of our group to arrive, and once again I took out my travel Martin and played a few songs softly. Some of the other people in the room turned out to be part of our tour and they introduced themselves. We all talked together for a while then Ed arrived with the rest of the group from the airport, and we boarded the bus, only to be let off again to explore Ediburgh and get our own brunches for a couple hours. Ed led a group up Carlton hill where we saw the "scottish scandal", the uncompleted(for lack of funds) Parthenon replica and observatory...and a wonderful view of Ediburgh.

Patti and I visited the Old Edinburgh cemetary after that...the walked across the old North bridge and walked around a blocked off pedestrian area listening to a street band and browsing street vendors ...unfortunately for me, they used 2 ft high concrete cones to keep vehicles out...and since I was looking up and around at all the wonderful architecture...i walked into and over one...smashing my good knee on the ground. ...Now i'm limping with both legs..AAARGH. We boarded the bus again and set out for Peebles. We stopped on a hill way out from the city center so that we could take pictures of the city...incredible sight. Then continued on to Peebles, Ed gave us running commentary about the area and it's history as we went. it began to rain just before we arrived at our hotel, so out came the parkas and umbrellas for the run inside. Then after getting our room assignment and stowing our bags, Patti and I wandered outside in the drizzle to look around (we were only two blocks from the riverwalk along the Tweed). Back to the hotel we rested for a while then went down to dinner where we were all introduced to each other and had a wonderful meal (the haggis was better there) and then Ed gave us our detailed Itinerary for the next 9 days and told us a bit of the history and geography of the country. By then it was 10pm and we went to our rooms and crashed

Day 2

We all gathered for breakfast and then embarked on the bus for Smailhome keep where we had to climb a very rocky, wet and steep boggy hillside (no stairs or sidewalk until the top of the hill....then lots of stairs to the top of the keep) we had a wonderful view of the entire Tweed Valley....the Eilden Hills were magnificent (part of the group climbed one later while the rest of us toured Melrose Abbey) We had a lecture on Walter Scott's contributions to collecting the folk music of scotland and Ian Frasier. who had joined us for the day, played several of the tunes and Ed sang some....it was an incredible place to hear their music. Each of the 3 upper levels of the Keep were devoted to a different facet of the borderlands' music: the supernatural, historical figures next and then Walter Scott's collection. (We heard a whole wee and a bunch about Walter Scott) on the way to Melrose we stopped at Scott's view to look down on the Gallo waters and tremendous scenery while we all sang the Broom of the Cowdenknowes (the cowdenknowes was just over the hill) Arriving in Melrose, the hikers took off for the hills and the rest of us went to get lunch then met at the abbey for a guided tour. That is one unbelievably incredible ruin! After the hikers returned we set off again for the Yarrow valley and then back to Tweeddale and our Hotel. After dinner at the Hotel, Ian Frazier on fiddle, Ian Anderson on Guitar and Cittern, and Gordon Kelly on guitar, cittern and bodhran performed for us many songs and a marvelous storyteller(John Nichols) regaled us with stories and recitations. We all sang along on the choruses and had a great time. One of our group did what Ed called a Celtic Flaminco to the music at one point. Exhausted, we went back up to our room and crashed for the night.

Day 3

We loaded onto the bus and headed out of Scott's stomping grounds into Burns' first stop was Dumfries, where Robert Burns worked as an Excise Man until his death. we toured his home and then went to the nearby church to see his mausoleum then went to get some lunch. We chose to lunch at the pub where Burns used to go and when we were finishing our meal the owner of the place (The Globe Inn) came up to us and offered to show us the room Burns had stayed before he actually moved to Dumfries with his family (and where he had his affair with Anna Park) the room had some glass panes in the window that Burns had actually written some of his poetry on (some of the panes were reproductions of ones that had broken, but there were 2 that were the originals.) they also had the original pub room where Burns would sit and carrouse with his cronies and even had Burns' original chair! Ed had sat in that chair and played a Burns tune earlier when he was there (we went in waves) I sat down in it and sang a couple of lines from a couple Burns tunes myself.
Now when we had started to walk after the owner to Burns's room she had mentioned "we have a ghost" but didn't elaborate at that time. We were walking down the hallway after looking at the bedroom, and just before we entered the taproom, I heard music behind me...looked back and no one was there...then I recognised the music as the intro to the song that Ed recorded for our Cath Benefit CD....and realized that somehow my Android tab had turned on in my backpack, opened the music player on that Song. I DIDN'T TOUCH IT!!!! The owner then, unperturbed, said that that was the first manifestation of The Ghost that day....they believed that the ghost (which sometimes actually appears) is that of Anna Park. She must have been pleased with Ed for playing a Burns tune in Rabbie's chair.
I told Ed about it when i got back to the bus, he got a kick out of it...I'm still boggled!

after leaving Dumfries we went to the farm a few miles from the town called Ellisland, where Burns had tried to farm and raise his family. They have made it into a museum and have a great deal of Burns' former possesions there, inluding manuscripts of his works.
In a large meeting room there we were treated to a short concert of Burns Tunes by George Archibald and Charles Milne (part of the group Ragged Glory)
Boarding the bus, we headed for Troon where we were to spend the night After dinner we had a concert by Ed and George & Charles...of course singing Burns tunes. (and we all sang along on the choruses). (another weird co-incidence: Ed mentioned in his introduction of George & Charles, that Charles had been one of the speakers or special peformers at a Burns Supper in Houston 2 years ago....the one and only Burns Supper that Patti and I have ever attended was the one in Houston 2 years ago....Small world.)

After the concert it was off to bed for some sorel;y need rest.

(At this point I have to point out that here in Scotland in the summer, the sun rises about 4am...and doesn't set until after 10pm. Seems too early to go to bed when it's still that light out...and weird to get up at 6 and have it bright outside already!!)
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Waking early on Saturday morning, we were first in line for a nice simple breakfast including bangers and poached eggs. Afterwards we finished packing and relaxed for a while to wait for time to go to the train station (I wrote up day 1's report) at 9 we left the B&B to go two blocks to the King's X station where we found out what we needed to do (basicly wait for the train to arrive and platform be assigned). While we waited we wandered around the station....and found platform 9-3/4 where we tried to push our luggage carts thru the secrect entrance.
20120609_033410 20120609_033423
after taking some pics, we went and sat down to wait for our platform announcement. I played some more on my travel guitar, then we went to board our train (btw...this is our FIRST train ride other than subway)
20120609_044452 20120609_045813
We got a great deal on tickets...and paid less for First Class than was usually charged for Coach. Was a thoroughly enjoyable trip...smooth and fast...lots of leg room and great scenery. We arrived in Edinburgh on schedule and went right to the taxi stand...got a cab ride to our Bed & Breakfast with no incidents...went inside and checked it...only had to carry our bags up one flight of stairs to a great room and left our stuff in the room to go explore the neighborhood. We walked down the main street near our b&b until we reached the royal mile, Stopping and looking in shops along the way. Not wanting to repeat our no food experience of the day before, we started looking for a place to eat. We found ourselves in front of a place called the Elephant House....which was where J.K. Rowling started the Harry Potter books...so we went in and ate there. Then down Princes street towards Edinburgh Castle. Then we tried to cut back to our hotel on different streets (do you know how hard it is to find a public restroom in Downtown Edinburgh?) and got lost again..but the trusty map we had purchased showed us where we were, and we got back to our hotel in the nick of time and relaxed for a while, checking out tv and writing this report.
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For our vacation this year we are going to Scotland on Ed Miler's Folk song Tour. (we've been saving for it for more than three years). Because we figure it's doubtful that we'll be able to wrangle another trip across the pond, we decided to fly in to London a couple days before the tour started...spend Friday in London on a tour bus, then ride the train from London to Edinburgh on Saturday, then meeting up with the Tour Group when it starts Sunday morning.

We got to the Airport and checked in without incident...sat in the departure gate area and I played some songs on my travel guitar for little while...then loosened the strings for travel. (shortly thereafter one of the boarding personnel looked over and said, "aww, why'd you stop?") We boarded the plane and stowed our carryon and sat down in our incredibly cramped seats (I swear that every time I fly, the seats have less legroom...drop something on the floor and forget about bending down to pick it up!) Once the meal was out of the way, we both let ourselves drift off to sleep and got some rest. ..waking just before the plane flew over Ireland.

Customs at Heathrow was a breeze (as was entering Canada last year...but I know US customs the other way will be hell, again) and we got our luggage and asked directions (yes, I ask for directions) to the subway train for Kings X. Again it was a breeze...it actually came up and ran for several stops above ground and we got to see some London Urban areas before re-entering the subterranian depths for the rest of the journey.

Leaving the underground we knew we had a two block walk to our bed and breakfast, we got on the wrong street (who knew that there would be Argyle street and Argyle square right next to each other....and all the building fronts look the same as the picture we had for the b&b) but after we cut over to the right "argyle" we found our B&B with no problem. Of course we had arrived an hour before we could check in, so they stored our bags in the luggage closet and we embarked on our open-top bus tour of London.

First, we had to find a stop for the bus...which entailed a walk of several blocks and then waiting for a short time for the bus to show up...the driver looked at our pre-purchased tickets, but didn't process it since we were on a link line instead of the main tour (he said they'd process it when we got on the main tour bus) We got on the main tour bus and that driver just passed us onto the bus without processing!
We went up to the top and sat down...but, unbeknownst to me, the wind whipped our ticket out of my pocket when we sat down. We plugged in our headsets to the recorded tour guide as we watched history go by around us.
this was an "off and on" where we could get off at any chosen stop, walk around then catch the next bus, so when we came up on a location we wanted to look at closer, we discovered that the ticket was gone...and when we asked the driver if he could validate us, he said no, that with out a ticket we were shit out of luck (my words) so we stayed on the bus until we got to Westminster abbey, and got off there, hoping that the driver of the next bus would accept the pdf file on my Android of our tickets (we'd been sent it to print out) After touring Westminster Abbey we again got lost trying to find the bus stop, but then followed one of the busses that passed us to where it was...but arrived after it left. While waiting for the next bus, I looked around and noticed we were next to a print shop (like Kinko's) . IDEA! I went in and asked the clerk if she could print out a pdf file from a usb flashdrive...she said yes!!! Lifesaver! I gave her my flashdrive, she printed out the tickets again, and we were back at the bustop ready for the next bus...PATTI now in charge of the ticket.
By this time it's about 5pm and we asked the bus driver when they stopped for the day so we would be able to get back to our hotel...turned out there wasn't enough time for the full tour, so we decided to see Buckingham Palace and then ride to the Victoria Station stop and take the Underground back to King's X. We got off at the Buckingham Palace stop...to find out that it was closed, due to the clean up after the queen's diamond jubilee last week, so we took a couple pics (turns out that you can't see the front of the palace from the main street), then got on the next bus and rode to Victoria station finally arriving at Kings X...this time taking the right street to our hotel.

Once at our B&B, we checked in and got our luggage and room key and found out that our room was on the very top (4th) floor...no elevators...4 long twisty labrynthine fights of stairs, up which to drag 3 suitcases and assorted carryon bags.
needless to say, we were exhausted by the time all luggage and personnel were in our garrett. Now I haven't mentioned any of the food or drink which we had consumed in our day in exploring London. That's because we didn't have any...nothing, nada, zip. So here we are, sitting exhausted in our 4th floor walkup room...starving. Catching our breath, we once again descended to the street and walked a couple blocks to a recomended Fish & Chips restaurant. "Eddie's" ...genuine British Fish & Chips and Middle East cuisine. (the plaice was very tastey)
Back to the room where we crashed for the night.

Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Current Music: Ed Miller - Broom of the Cowdenows

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Well, I braved the airport and a convention after only 3 weeks from my major surgery. Patti played top sergeant on me all weekend..."don't lift that...lay down and rest"...and I appreciated that because i really got tired easily. I missed filk circle friday night because by 11 I was exhausted, but I did manage to hear all of the Pegasus concert.. there was some incredible music all day Saturday, and I got to see and talk with so many of my favorite people!! I did miss some one shots because i had to take a nap in order to be able to keep going. There were so many great nominees for the Pegasus awards that it was sad that they all couldn't win! LOL

Saturday evening was the song writing contest,for which Mel Tatum and I had our entry (Title Fight). It was a weird feeling to sit and play on stage since I always stand, but I didn't have the energy this year, and was weak and shaking after I finished playing, But it was worth it when they announced the winners and we took 2nd Place!!! I tried to do some singing in filk circle, but had to call it a night after only a couple hours.

We had to leave on Sunday and the return trip was fairly smooth..but by the time we got back to Houston i was ready to crash...spent all day Monday sleeping and trying to get my energy back. I wouldn't have missed it though!
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i thought that when the drs. found something not suppossed to be in your body, then take it out, within a few days you would feel great, like it was all brand new again...not!!  i was quietly going about my business when i (at least I think I did) passed a kidney stone.  being conceniencious about following up (get your ass to the urologist and have that checked out...Yes Ma'"am)  after two weeks of boodtests, cat scans and an mri I was told I had a tumor on my left kidney and that it needed to come out ...now.  if not sooner.  So i informed them at work that I needed to take about 5 weeks off for the surgery and recovery...went in this past monday to a Hospital in swHouston where they removed a football sized mass of kidney and tumor.  Was given the good news almost immedatiately...completely encapsulated, no radiation or chemo needed!  yeah.  I dilligently prepared to cough as much as i could so the dreaded "pnemonia" wouldn't attach me...but i'll tell you that after getting home yesterday i swear i've been hurting more and more, not less and less!   I try to live witouth painkillers, but for the next week at least they are my best friends.  I guess I should be happy that the drs. were all happy with my kidney functions and my heart and lungs .  now if i can just stop hurting and enjoy tumorless living again! :) 
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rememberingmy mother...couple of pics I scanned from photos she had from when she was young 
high school pic...circa 1946With my Oldest sister, Carrie in 1949

Current Mood: melancholy melancholy

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just over a year ago, my mother died.  We had gotten as much of the family together for a reunion at her place over the Easter weekend (because she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and we knew she had little time left), and we all had a great  time together  (especially Mom)...but a couple weeks later she slipped into a coma and was gone within 24 hours.  about a week or two later, My elder brother, Don, posted a four line poem on Mother's Day, honoring her...from HIS point of view...welll the bug hit me, and I wrote a stanza  from mine, and sent it to him with the suggestion that we get the other three siblings to each write one, and i'd write a wrap up stanza and set it to music (we had talked back at Easter about he and I colloborating on something )  a week later we had all 5 personalized verses and i recorded it for each of us to have.   To commemorate her passing 0ne year ago, I post that song's lyrics here:

Mom, Ever and Always
(©2010 by Carrie Lowenthal, Don Glefke, Dene Foye, Vickie Brady, & Rob Foye)
(In loving memory of Victoria Yvonne Simons Poritt Plant Foye)


You were there right from my beginning
And you would laugh and smile when I was grinning
I love you from the bottom of my heart
You blanketed me with your love
Which no others affection could keep us apart



You were always there when I didn't even know,
But inside I guess I knew when it didn't even show,
 love you from the bottom of my heart,
God blessed me with your Love,
Which no other could ever live the part.



You were always there from the moment of my birth
I just took for granted what your presence here was worth
I love you from the bottom of my heart
And thank you Mom for all your love,
Which no other person ever could impart.



Encouragement to think for ourselves made us strong,
When times were rough and days were long.
I love you from the bottom of my heart,
And know I always had your love
Up to the time I knew that we would part.



Through hospitals, colds, illnesses and bugs
You were always there with comfort and with hugs.
I love you from the bottom of my heart.
What greater sign of a mother's love,                                   
 Which continued though we were all apart?
You encouraged us to strive and be happy in what we do
To love and care for our own children in your way too
We love you from the bottom of our Hearts
God blessed us with your Love
Which no others could have had from the start


When Patti and I made our annual trip to Atlanta, stopping in Montgomery, Alabama at my younger brother's, he and his partner had me give a concert at their Shop.  I performed this song live for the first time in front of an audience, with my younger brother and sister in the audience...not one of the three of us had dry eyes when i finished. 

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So many other people who are so much better at writing have posted about FKO, that I'm not going to try to not repeat too much. LOL

Thursday morning Patti and I  loaded guitar and suitcases in the guitar at 8am for our 2 hour trek to Houston Intercontinental airport.  traffic wasn't terrible (since we have our tollroad pass)  and we got to the airport and through security in a reasonably short time....just in time to discover that the plane was delayed an hour due to mechanical difficulties.  so we waited  that extra hour with Sundara and William and then boarded.    then discovered that Air Canada's Jazz division planes have the smallest overhead bins...my guitar stuck out about an inch too wide. :(   but they put it in the closet up in first class, so it didn't get thrown into the guitar destroying pit. 

we arrived in canada, breezed thru customs and immigration (I've seen too many movies ...was expecting a BIG delay with them searching all the bags before we could go through).   then exchanged us dollars for canadian and went out to catch the shuttle to the hotel...which was right there loading a couple of other filkers (blind Lemon Chiffon and Kathleen Sloan).  at the hotel shortly...checked in and ready to party.  had a great time at the reception and actually got to bed early.

Friday was the day we should have gone siteseeing because it was nice and we hand nothing to do until after 3pm...so we just bummed around the hotel, rested and visited with anyone who happened to be there.   Friday night was great.  listening to the concerts by Mary Crowell and the one by the Stone Dragons, meeting new filkers, seeing other's we've met before.  I was happy to see Juliana  from Germany...she sings so wonderfully and someday I hope to hear her and Katy  LIVE. :)   and then there is always Juanita....every time she is at a con i'm at, I know the filking will be good.   so many others I can't begin to name them all.  Karen Linsley's ose free filk was fun (I prefer the light and funny songs myself), then there was the DVD and CD release party in the consuite.  filking was light Friday night (only one room) but very enjoyable. 
Saturday was busy....music from Karen Linsley, one shots, Talis Kimberley, OUR concert , then Wild Mercy.  (I still can't believe we were on that bill too)  good banquet, wonderful surprises on the Hall of Fame Inductees.  
now, Mel has already gone into detail about the songwriting competition.   and I agree that we didn't enter so much to compete, as to show what  we came up with  in attempting to write something to their theme.  I feel that it is one of my better compostions, which I WILL continue to play often :)

ok...now we come to Saturday Night Filk.....there are no words for something of that nature.  It is something that comes along so seldom...but it was so wonderful my last words going out the door saturday night (sunday morning) were, "let's do it again...Tomorrow."   Patti calls it "the UberFilk" .  I love jamming with other musicians...and that was the Jam Session of Jam sessions for me.  everyone playing together and enhancing everyonen else.  harmonies intertwining with the instruments.  Leonard Cohen's "Halleluja" mass choir and orchestra was beyond inspiring...it was an experience to remember for the rest of my life.  (for those not there, during this session there were guitars and dulcimer and flute and clarinet and cello and violin and harp and drums and guitar and.....voices!!!)

sunday, our workshop went well...we had a much larger group than i would have thought (given that it was 11am ....and we are filkers who don't go to bed early on Saturday night)  Mel gave out  lyrics to several of the songs we'd written (but hadn't performed for any circle yet) to give people an opportunity to see what kind of melody they could come up with for the songs.  I was impressed with each one that was done.  I played for them what I had done, so they could see the direction we went.  we also had a melody only recording that I had sent to Mel for her to put lyrics to...and there were some interesting results for that too.  all in all I think that it was a good workshop....only wish the time slot had been longer, because they were rushed for time in their composing attempts.  I think that we linked up a few possible collaborators in there!

the Filk Hall of Fame concerts were great...LOVED hearing Urban Tapestry again !!!

Filking Sunday night had two high points for me.  I've been singing a filk song by Joel Polowin now for about a year, and had told him i've been doing it.  HE actually spoke up in filk circle and requested that I do it!!!  so we performed "Flies" ttto Stan Rogers' "Lies".   later Tanya Huff came up to me and asked if I would do "I Have Come to Take My Boy Home"  (a song by Jym Mooney in Wisconsin) so I said sure, and turned and saw Amy McNally, ran over to her and asked if she would like to play it with us.   She agreed, and the 4 of us played a very good rendition of that beautiful song.  ....Now I hadn't even mentioned Amy, but I am now...I think that she played with every possible concert that she could...and did an incredible job playing all the different types of music. (Thank you Amy )

Monday we spent the early part of saying goodbye to those we saw in the lobby...then caught the shuttle over to the airport at 2, even though our plane was scheduled to leave at 7.    going back to the states was MUCH worse than going to Canada....customs had a line bigger than Disneyland's most popular ride. (and we were dragging suitcases)  after two hours or so we finally go through security and dropped off the luggage and got something to drink, then went to sit and wait for the plane.  I remembered at that point that i hadn't yet loosened my guitar strings, so i pulled the double-neck out of the case  and loosened the strings on the 12, but decided that, before I detuned it, I would play a little on the 6-string .....sundara pulled up lyrics to songs on her ipod and we sang for about an hour....gave a quiet concert in the airport, which the people around us appeared to enjoy.  :)   then i detuned and packed up....at which time they told us our plane had had a mechanical failure and they would be replacing it with another...delaying our flight an hour.  

  we moved down to the new gate and waited ...we finally boarded 90 minutes later than the original time.  we had no delay at the Houston end of the journey, thank goodness, and were in the car on the freeway shortly after midnight..  we arrived home  about 1:45 and figured that it wasn't really any later than any other night this weekend!  

all in all it was a great weekend and I will still say to all of the concom of FilKONtario, and the interfilk organization....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BRINGING US TO FILKONTARIO.


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